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3 Simple Tips to Open Even the Toughest Jar

February 11, 2019 2 min read

3 Simple Tips to Open Even the Toughest Jar

Some jars seem like they aren’t meant to be opened, but with these 5 simple tips, you’ll be able to open even the toughest jars!

We’ve all been embarrassed trying to open a jar or a bottle using all of our strength and failing epically… the thing is that vacuum seals require more technique than strength to be opened.

1. Use Rubber Gloves

    When we are fighting a jar in our kitchen and we are losing, all that we need are the proper tools. Yes, sometimes it feels like only a hammer will help you get whatever is inside the jar, but there’s a solution that’s much less messy. Put on some kitchen rubber gloves and try to open the jar again. Thanks to the rubber, you’ll be able to have a much better grip of the slippery lid so you can proceed to twist the jar until you hear that satisfying noise that lets you know that the vacuum seal is gone!

    2. Break the Vacuum Seal with a Hit

    This method is well known by most of us, but there’s actually an optimized way to do it. Grab the jar with your non-dominant hand, hold it diagonally with the bottom up and hit it with the palm of your other hand a couple of time. Then you can try to open your jar again and this time it shouldn’t take too much trouble. Combining method 2 and 1 will work most of the times.

    3. Use Hot Water

      If none of the information above helped you out, it’s time to try a more elaborate method to defeat that annoying jar once and for all. This time, you’ll need to heat a little bit of water and pour it into a bowl. You’ll only need enough water to submerge the lid of the jar. Leave it there for a few seconds, remove it from the bowl, dry out the lid and try to open it again. The heat of the water will make the vacuum seal weaker and easier to break.

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