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4 Gadgets for Smartphones that Everyone Should Have

December 20, 2018 3 min read

4 Gadgets for Smartphones that Everyone Should Have

Let’s face it, we can’t live without our smartphones anymore. There’s no going to those days when we took our cellphones out just to chat via SMS or to call a friend and talk for awhile. These days we do everything with our smartphones and there are certain items that we can purchase to make them even more useful and fun!

LED Selfie Clip Light

These ingenious little lamp can be easily attached to any smartphone. It’s a simple rechargeable LED light ring that will automatically enhance any selfie that you take, giving you a more glamorous look and evening the light in your face for a more professional-looking photograph. Because it’s a ring, it will reflect beautifully in your eyes making them look out of this world. You will never have enough of this fun little gadget, and all of your friends and family will start to ask you to take all the selfies with it in your reunions and parties!

Telescope Lens - Clip-On 12x Optical Zoom 

The cameras on our phones keep getting better and better every year, and some of them even have similar features and quality to a professional camera. However, one thing that can’t be equalized digitally is the image that a telephoto lens can provide. Of course our smartphones have digital zoom and some high-end devices even have a reasonably good optical zoom, but the quality that you can achieve with this telescope lens is unbelievable.

This item is also portable and it has a clip that makes it very easy to adapt to most devices. the quality of the crystals is top-notch, and  the overall feeling in hand is very solid and professional.

Foldable Tripod - Bluetooth Selfie Stick

The selfie stick became a classic item for smartphones from the very first moment it entered the market. However, this Xiaomi product works also as a tripod that will hold your smartphone steady so you can have a decent video call or if you want to watch some videos on it leaving both of your hands free. Also the retractable stick above the handle/tripod will let you adjust the height of your phone in case you don’t have a surface like a desk or a table to put it on.

In case you are a fan of selfies and you don’t want the picture to miss a beautiful landscape behind you, it also has a bluetooth connection and a shutter on the handle that will let you snap all of your pictures without any trouble!

Wide Angle - Macro - Fisheye Clip On Lens

If the what you like the most about your smartphone is that you can take beautiful pictures with it, you should definitely get this 3-in-1 clip on lens. It’s also very easy to attach to your phone and it’s compatible with most devices.

This gadget includes 3 little lenses made from aluminum and high-quality crystal. It’s completely portable and durable. Increase your phone camera’s versatility with these lenses and start taking unique pictures that will impress everyone!


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