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Best Drones Under $50

December 20, 2018 2 min read

Best Drones Under $50

Mini drones are definitely one of the best inventions from the past decade. Sooner than you think our skies will be filled with them delivering things to wherever we are. Every year, new drones are fabricated at a lower price every time, and now under $40 you can buy your own mini drone to start practicing your skills and to take amazing videos with them.

Of course, not every drone under $50 dollars is a good deal, there some not-that-good devices that will be a waste of your money. That's why in this post we will talk about two of the best budget mini drones in the market.

The first drones available for purchasing years ago where simple expensive toy. Nowadays, there are whole sports created around drones and professional pilots compete in thrilling races to win substantial prices.

Today, drones are more than just toys, they are smart devices that we can use for different purposes like taking videos, pictures or delivering stuff. Now, let's talk a little bit about our picks!

JJRC H36 Mini RC Drone Quadcopter

This remote controlled mini drone is perfect for first-timers. It doesn't mean a major investment and it's perfect to practice your piloting. 

It almost fits in the palm of a hand with its 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm (3.3 inch x 3.3 inch) and it's almost surreal how it can sustain flight for 7 minutos with one full charge. It includes three rechargeable batteries. This amazing little drone can fly up to 30 meters  (98 ft) away from the controller, also a remarkable feature considering its size. 

This flying machine, however, doesn't have a camera. In its design they added an LED light so it can be flown in the dark. It features "one key return" so you can take it back home easily by just pressing a button. Its compact and powerful engine supports smooth 360° spinning.

The drone is ready to go in box and it includes 4 spare blades plus 2 extra batteries that make it a pretty good deal for under $50.

S9HW Foldable RC Mini Drone With HD Camera

This mini drone also fits in the palm of your hand with 7 cm x 9 cm (2.7 inch x 3.5 inch). When folded, this device isn't bigger than a kiwi. The S8HW also features "one key return" and it can sustain flight up to 7 minutes. By far the best feature of this drone is that it can fly away from the controller up to 50 meters (264 ft).

Unlike the JJRC, this drone does has an HD video camera that can transmit live videos to your phone that you can record with a screen recording app. 

It supports 360° spinning and it holds very steady in the air so you can capture better videos. This is one of the best budget mini drones that you can get before moving on to a bigger, faster and more expensive device.


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