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Best Gadgets for First-Time Parents

February 20, 2019 3 min read

Best Gadgets for First-Time Parents

The expectation when a baby is on its way is huge and for a good reason! Being a mom or a dad isn't easy (nobody said it was!) but nowadays, there are plenty of things you can get to make your parenting life much easier. Keep reading and learn about the best gadgets for first-time parents!

All of these items that we are going to mention are best sellers all around the world, and you should definitely give them a try.

1. Humidifier

Your baby's skin is much more sensitive than yours and to prevent it from irritating you need to keep it soft and moisturized. A dry climate can be a problem because the low humidity in the air will make your baby's skin much more prone to irritation. Keep a humidifier in the babies room to prevent this from happening.

2. USB Milk Heating Bottle

Babies need to follow a food routine and it's not always easy to adapt to it. That's why the USB Milk Heating Bottle makes a perfect tool to feed your newborn on time. For this bottle warmer to work, you only have to plug it into a USB charger. With this useful item, you won't have to go home to warm up your baby's bottle since this bottle heater is perfectly portable.

Heat up their milk right in the car, with a power bank or with your cellphone charger anywhere you are!

3. Water Bottle Cap Adapter 

We need to keep ourselves hydrated, especially during the summer! Our babies are no different, they need to drink plenty of water throughout the day stay comfortable and healthy. In case you forgot their water bottle at home, you can always keep a water bottle cap adapter with you. These caps make every standard water bottle suitable for babies!

4. App to Translate Your Baby's Cry

This is definitely one of the most amazing inventions for first-time parents, and it's almost unbelievable, but it exists and it works! There are many apps available to help you with your babies, and this one is a must-have. The app identifies the frequency of your baby's cry and helps you understand whether they are hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, in pain, or even scared!

5. Baby Monitor

This is a no-brainer, right? Truth is that in the baby monitoring department there has been a lot of changes in the past decade. The devices that once were quite expensive and limited, now are much more affordable and of the highest quality. You can get several baby monitors for different rooms in your home (almost like a closed circuit tv system but for your baby) all of them connected to the internet so you can check on your baby wherever you are in your phone, tablet or computer.

Truth is that none of these items existed 50 years ago and humanity managed to survive. However, once you get used to them, you won't be able to understand how many people did it without them!


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