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Drive with Your Dog Safely with A Car Seat Belt

January 17, 2019 2 min read

Drive with Your Dog Safely with A Car Seat Belt

Everyone knows that dogs are human’s best friends, and as such, they should be treated with the same love that they give us.  Feeding and keeping them safe are some of our responsibilities when owning a dog.

Safety is something that should not be taken lightly when it comes to dogs, as they are easier to get injured than a human since they are more fragile than we are; especially smaller dogs. When you take your dog on a car trip he should necessarily have a dog car seat belt to keep him safe.

Dog's Safety Should Not Be Taken Lightly

There have been studies that show that every 18 minute there’s a car accident in which a dog is involved. Most of these accidents had the dogs either without any safety or with a poor one, exponentially increasing their possibility to get injured or worst. This is one of the main reasons why you should get a good dog car seat belt.

A dog car seat belt will also decrease the number of car accidents as it creates fewer distractions for the driver by keeping the dog safely seated. Other studies have shown that 21% of car accidents that happen with a dog present occur because the driver had to direct his attention towards his dog.

How Do Car Seat Belts Work

If you are still unfamiliar with how dog car seat belt work, they are a strap with a buckle that fits the car’s regular seat buckle. This strap is then attached to the dog’s harness. Thanks to this harness, the force received by a sudden car stop or an abrupt leash movement will be equally distributed throughout his chest and back, preserving his neck and extremities. Remember to never attach a dog seat belt to its collar as it can cause serious injuries or even death even without a collision occurring, with just sudden braking your dog can get seriously harmed.

There are several sizes for dog seat belts, however, some of them such as this SafetyDog Dog Car Seat Belt has an adjustable strap that is perfect for every dog size, as it adjusts from 12” up to 26”, allowing your dog to sit, lie or stand comfortably regardless of its size.

Remember that if you are taking a long road trip, bring food and water for your dog with you. As well as making several stops in order for your dog to do its necessities. They have the same needs as you do, don’t forget it.


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