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Fun Baby Outfits to Gift This Christmas

December 17, 2018 2 min read

Fun Baby Outfits to Gift This Christmas

Having a baby is one of the biggest joys in life, but it’s not easy at all! Long sleepless nights, constant cleaning around, crying and worrying all the time can be exhausting and parents resort to any means to make things work and run smoother.

It’s not all drama though, babies are also really fun and one of the best parts of being a parent is being able to dress up your little devils however you want and enjoy their cuteness as their crawl around unaware in their superhero outfit. (Don’t worry, the utility belt is not included so they won’t go out at night to fight crime! while you rest peacefully in your bedroom!)

Now that Christmas is around the corner nothing will make your friends happier than a fun little present for their babies like a Funny Short Sleeve Baby Cotton Romper with a message written that will make them laugh and think of you every time their baby has it on.

If your baby looks more like a dinosaur than a baby sometimes, with an incomprehensibly huge appetite, you might want to try a 3D Dinosaur Baby Costume to make their outside reflect their inside. This unisex romper has a zipper, a hoodie and cute little plates on the back that will make your little monster extra adorable… At least while they are asleep!

What’s your baby’s superpower? Now that superheroes are in, you might want to dress up your baby as your favorite character! Or if you can’t explain how he gets to certain places around the house if he hasn’t even learned how to walk yet, a Spiderman Romper would suit him perfectly.

Do you ever feel like your babies make you work even harder than your boss? Then why not dress them up with a Mini Boss Baby Romper - Jumpsuit and let them walk around the house like if they ran the place (and sometimes it feels like they do!).

What about a Cute Hooded Baby Jumpsuit Costume of your favorite animal for your little rugrat? Easy to wear, comfortable, soft and warm. Perfect for this winter and let’s face it… Your heart will melt once you see your little boy or girl dressed up as a panda or a duck right before you all go to sleep!

If you want to be the cool uncle or auntie or if you really know how to have fun being a parent, you can surprise your family and friends with fun little outfits for babies this Christmas, all available at Shape meets Color!


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