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Keep Your Belongings Safe with This Smart Fingerprint Padlock

April 23, 2019 2 min read

Keep Your Belongings Safe with This Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Padlocks serve one simple purpose: prevent theft, harm or vandalism on your items. Throughout the years, companies have been developing stronger and better padlocks; however, they had not created a proper unlocking mechanism.  People always lose the keys that are used to open their padlocks or they even forget the number combination, forcing them to damage and break them, having to buy a new one. Due to this particular problem that affects millions of people every year, companies have looked for new ways to avoid this problem.

Today we bring you a futuristic lock that does not need a key or a number configuration to open; it simply needs your hands, specifically your fingers. This particular smart fingerprint padlock will open exclusively with your fingerprint after you’ve registered it. In other words, your fingers act as the password or the key used to open this lock, providing a safer and more private experience.

Allows Up To 10 Fingerprints

This smart padlock allows up to 10 fingerprints recording, which makes it perfect for families or friends as well since they can all register their fingerprint. Thanks to this, there will be no trouble if you are using this padlock for your business for example since both you and your associate will be able to open the lock without needing the owner to be present.

Long Lasting Battery Life

One of the main problems of this type of locks is that if it runs out of battery you won’t be able to open it; however, this particular padlock comes with an integrated lithium battery of 300 MaH that can be charged via a USB cable. The battery has an amazing duration of over one month in standby and can be open up to 2500 times with a single charge!

It is Both Water and Dust Proof

If you need to place your padlock in the open air such as the outside of your garage door, your warehouse door, or in a park to secure your bag, you don’t have to worry about this lock getting damaged since it is both water and dust proof! This resistant lock will guarantee that it keeps doing its function of keeping your belongings safe no matter what the weather conditions are

Don’t wait any longer; get yourself this amazing, durable, and secure smart fingerprint padlock. Whether you’re traveling for vacations and you need one for your luggage, if you need to keep your business safe, or simply to secure your personal bag when going to the park, this lock works perfectly for every life situation!


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