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Men's Watches with Modern Designs

Men's Watches with Modern Designs

Ask any fashionista about the most important piece of a man's outfit and all of them will answer the same thing: the wristwatch.

A 200 years old invention that once was an item that only a few privileged folks had access to, is now much more than just a contraption to keep track of time. Keep reading below and learn about 3 beautiful timepieces for men with modern designs that are available at Shape meets Color!

Learn how to combine your watches with your outfits by clicking here! Meanwhile, here are 3 beautiful timepieces for every occasion, at an affordable price and of the highest quality:

BOBO BIRD Wooden Quartz Watch For Men

This singular timepiece has a beautiful design and it's made of bamboo. It has a natural light brown color contrasted with black that gives it a unique and fresh look. One of the best things about this watch is that you can have 2 different time zones in it. Excellent for traveling, modern, with a perfect size of 44.9 mm diameter and it works with any casual attire that you decide to put on.

Unique Rotating Luxury Ultra-Thin Men's Steel Watch

Add the perfect touch to your outfit with the Unique Rotating Luxury Ultra-Thin Men's Steel Watch. This water-resistant analog men wristwatch is made of stainless steel and quartz. It has a perfect size of 41 mm of diameter. Wear it with any casual attire, its lightness will make it very comfortable. With a less casual look, this versatile timepiece is available in different colors ( black, blue and rose gold) perfect for everyday use!  A thin design that will catch the eye of everyone whenever you are wearing it, and a futuristic look that seems almost like a prop from a science fiction movie.

Luxury Unisex Stainless Steel Watch

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful watches you'll see this 2019. Its unique design and impeccable finish make it the perfect choice for any man who wants to look ahead of fashion itself. Constructed with high-quality materials this amazing watch will make a fine addition to your collection. A classy look, modern design, and a dazzling shine that will enhance your entire attire.

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