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The Best Gadgets for Your Smartphone

May 09, 2019 2 min read

The Best Gadgets for Your Smartphone

Every week a new smartphone is released, with new exciting features and designs, but the gadgets created around them are countless and it's always fun to try and guess what will come next.

Nowadays, you can control almost everything with your phone, and most appliances and home-tech are "smart". This is basically another way of saying "it includes a built-in computer that you can connect to a network and make it communicate with other devices". Smart-home, smart-tv, smart-fridge, smart-lights... These are all great, but we are here to mention 2 essential items that will take over the market and they are created specifically to complete and improve your cellphones. 

COLMI S9 Smartwatch Waterproof Gorilla Glass

This is definitely one of the best budget smartwatches available on the market. Compatible with both Android and iOS, this amazing product is will help you check messages and manage notifications without having to use your phone. However, that's just the surface.

With so many "smart" devices around the house, you can easily keep track of almost everything you do, and this is quite helpful if you mean to change some habits, take advantage of your time, lose weight, or simply have a healthier lifestyle.

Use your smartwatch as a passometer, mood Tracker, sleep tracker, heart rate tracker, fitness tracker, message Reminder and call Reminder.

Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Earbuds With Power Bank Dual Microphone AWEI T8

Wireless Bluetooth headphones have been around for some time now. But it wasn't until quite recently that they became such an important accessory. Small, compact, easy to charge, easy to carry and comfortable to wear, this earphones also feature a beautiful design. 

With a built-in microphone, you will be able to control your phone from the distance, accessing voice-activated functions. With high-quality audio and a long-lasting battery (up to 6 hours on stereo mode!), the AWEI T8 is quickly becoming one the best budget earphones available online. You won't believe this product is under $50. Even the charging case feels premium and you can go online and read thousands of great reviews.

These 2 products should be a great way to start your gadget collection. Once you've tried them, you won't be able to go back to that simpler time when the only things you needed were your wallet and your keys. Find out about more amazing gadgets for your phone on our blog: click here to learn about wireless charging pads!


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