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How to bathe your dog? The Best Tips When Bathing Your Dog

How to bathe your dog? The Best Tips When Bathing Your Dog

Every dog owner has bathed their dog at least once in their life. This task can become quite complicated, especially if you have a big dog that hates baths and always give a hard time at it.

However, there are many tips and tools that you can use to ensure everyone has a good time and actually enjoy taking a bath.

Offer Treats To Your Dog

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your dog will behave correctly is to associate bath time with treats and toys. Put your dog in the spot you plan to bathe him and spend a couple of minutes there petting and giving some treats. Do this until they don’t feel any fear and are willing to stay at that place. After that, you should start by adding some warm water very slowly. If your dog runs away, repeat the whole process again until he accepts the water. Remember that your dog also have feelings and you shouldn’t force him into doing things he doesn’t want to do to avoid health problems.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need at Your Hand’s Reach

It is definitely not practical to start bathing your dog and then realizing that the shampoo is in another room, or that there are no towels nearby. Having to get up and look up for these elements can become a very risky move. By doing so, your dog might run away getting the house all wet and dirty. It is crucial that you make sure that you have everything you need in no more than a couple of centimeters away from you to guarantee a safe, fast, and mess-free bathing time.

Use the Right Accessories

One of the reasons why bathing your dog can be a hard task to do is that you might not use the appropriate accessories. There are many bathing tools in the market that will aid you in bathing your dog. For example, this Comfortable Massager Shower Tool that combines sprayer and scrubber in one is perfect for this as it leaves you with one free hand to have more control over your dog. Using a Bath Hair Cleaning Comb is another much-needed accessory as it allows you to comb your dog’s hair while collecting all the loose hair and massaging your dog as well. Thanks to its adjustable wrist strap, it is suitable for almost everyone.

Adequately Dry Your Dog

You must remember that dogs are very sensitive to odors, which is why you should use a neutral shampoo every time. In case you use a scented one, make sure that your dog is completely dry before you set them free, if not they will most likely try to get dirty in order for them to get the scented smell off of them. By correctly drying them with a towel you will guarantee that they smell less the perfume and hence they will not have the need to get dirty.

Shape meets Color

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