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Tips to Cut Vegetables Like a Master Chef

Tips to Cut Vegetables Like a Master Chef

We've all been mesmerized at least once by a professional chef on tv as he cuts all types of vegetables in second with flawless and impeccable moves. Believe it or not, this is cooking 101, and here we bring for you some tips to cut your vegetables like a master chef!


1. Get a Real Knife

Not every kitchen knife is the same. You've probably wondered why there is such a wide price range with these items if they ultimately fulfill the exact same purpose. Truth is some are better than others and for an amateur cook, it's important to begin using the right tools.

You can get a whole set of kitchen knives anywhere, but there are a few things to take in consideration before making the purchase. First of all, consider it an investment. Good quality knives will last longer than cheap knives, obviously, but not only that. A high-quality knife will be much safer to use as well and you can't put a price on that.

Most kitchen tools are made of stainless steel, but when it comes to knives, ceramic is arguably the best materials. Whether you choose stainless steel or ceramic, you should be able to hold the knife in your hand before taking it home. Why? Because this will be one of your most precious items in the kitchen and you need to feel comfortable holding it. 

You can also take in consideration whether the knife is made from an entire piece of metal or ceramic, or if it has a handle with a different material like wood, plastic or resin. Knives made with an entire piece of metal or ceramic are usually more reliable.

2. Avoid Using an Unsharpened Knife

This might sound like an obvious tip, but it's important that you take it seriously. A dull knife will make the job of cutting off things much harder. The pieces of vegetables will end up with ragged edges because you'll have to apply too much pressure on the knife for it to work. Also, if your knife has trouble cutting through things, it might slip towards your fingers... And remember, a dull knife is still a knife and it can hurt you.

3. The Position of Your Hands

This is something that you'll need to apply from the very first day if you want to develop a good technique and trying to keep unpleasant accidents away. It's quite common for amateur cooks to hurt their nails while cutting veggies. There's only one correct way to hold the vegetables while the knife does his job: roll back your fingers and don't expose your nails to the blade. That will give you firmer control of the situation.

The Perfect Gadget to Safe Time (and Money!)

Knowing how to handle a kitchen knife takes years of practice, and if you have near-to-zero experience, this article is for you. However, if you are just looking to speed things along, here's a wonderful gadget that will make your entire cooking experience much easier: The RAPID Slice™ 5-in-1 Dicer Fruit and Vegetable Cutter Set. It is a much simpler and efficient way to cut off your veggies if you don't have the time to apply yourself with the knife. 

Works on hard and soft foods, and comes with 4 interchangeable slicers with super sharp Steel blades so you can focus on eating your meal instead of the stress of prepping it! Plus it has a feature to capture your slices DIrectly into an airtight tub. Saving you mess extra cleaning time.

Shape meets Color

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