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Beautiful Cake Decorating Ideas

February 13, 2019 3 min read

Beautiful Cake Decorating Ideas

Nowadays, if you want to impress your family and friends it’s not enough knowing how to make a delicious cake! If you really want to surprise everyone with your baking abilities you’ll need to know how to decorate your cakes and if you follow these simple tips you’ll feel like a master baker in no time.

1. Get the Right Tools

If you love baking, you probably have the basics to make a delicious cake, but for decorating you’ll have to get a couple more items to set your creativity loose. There’s no need to spend a lot of money if you are a beginner. Master the pastry bag before anything else! You can start purchasing disposable bags and a basic set of tips. You’ll need food coloring, a rotating cake stand, a cake leveler, cutters, and a set of spatulas. Believe it or not, with these basic items you’ll be able to make real works of art with some practice.

The special tip we’ve got for you today will help you make beautiful fondant flowers that will make your cakes look amazing.Feel like a master baker with theseFondant Molds. Cake decoration has never been so easy. Make your cakes look elegant and classy creating beautiful fondant flowers and butterflies in seconds.

2. Get Your Icing and Frosting Recipe Right

This is a very important part of cake decorating because if your icing isn’t perfect it would be harder for you to use it. However, it’s not that hard to make a really good icing to start practicing with your pastry bag. Learn how to make the perfect icing with these delicious and colorful recipes. Always have tons of powdered sugar around to make your icing stiff enough.

3. Always Even Your Cakes

For this part, you’ll need a bread knife (it requires some practice!) or a cake leveler. A cake leveler is much simpler to use and they aren’t that expensive. This tool is used to flat the top of your cake or to cut it into different layers (remember never to cut a cake while it’s warm!). Once your cake is even you only need to flip it over the former bottom will become the top of your cake and your canvas.

4. Practice Your Writing

This is without a doubt one of the most difficult parts of cake decorating. Using a pastry bag to make fun shapes is one thing, but writing a message like “Happy Birthday” is a whole different thing. Before doing anything on top of your flawless frosting, you should practice on a plate. If you are using a pastry bag, give it a gentle massage to make it more consistent and to eliminate air bubbles that might disrupt your decoration time.

5. Learn From an Expert

We know this isn’t a tip per se, but one of the best ways to learn is if you take a couple of classes and get some advice directly from a professional. Nowadays there are plenty of classes online that you can get for a fair price and they are truly helpful. If you don’t feel like paying for classes, there are thousands of videos on youtube that you can learn from.


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