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Tips To Keep Your Face Young

May 16, 2019 3 min read

Tips To Keep Your Face Young

At some points of our lives, we all begin to think about how amazing it would be to look forever young, but since there's no actual fountain of youth, here are some tips to keep your face young. Keep reading and learn how to keep maintain your skin's good health.

You've probably seen a person's skin and thought how amazing it looks. Yes, genetics play an important part, but in most cases, good looking skin is a synonym of good habits and a healthy diet.

1. You Are What You Eat

A popular and accurate saying. Keep track of your foods during a month, and you will start to notice certain patterns. For example, how energetic you felt the day you had enough protein for breakfast or how your bathroom schedule went off the tracks when you didn't consume enough fiber. Truth is our diet has a direct effect on our skin, particularly on our faces. If you want a young looking skin, you will have to include enough citric fruits like orange, lime, tangerine, and grapefruit in your diet. Vitamin C helps you produce collagen, which contributes your skin's elasticity and capability to regenerate.

Olive oil and green leaves also help your skin, adding vitamin E, which helps your cells from oxidating stress. A diet with enough proteins from eggs and red meats will also help your skin from aging prematurely.

2. Cold Water And Hot Water

Most people prefer to take hot showers, but they can be harmful to your skin if it gets too hot. Also, using cold water exclusively isn't a good idea. Mix things up and learn how and when it's more recommendable to use hot or cold water. For example, before your beauty regime when you apply products on your face, it's better to begin by washing your face with tempered water. After you are done, a splash of cold water will seal the process beautifully.

Begin your days preferably with cold water to freshen up your morning, wake up and tighten your skin to prepare it for the rest of the day. Try not to wash your face that often or it will dry out eventually because you won't allow your natural oils to help your skin repair and stay protected.

3. Know Your Products

Get one of these amazing Moisturizing Face Masks. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you will provide your skin with lots of benefits. These masks help with oil control, whitening, and it shrinks your pores to avoid blackheads. It comes in many different kinds and depending on their main ingredient, the mask will provide a different benefit. For example, if you're looking for skin radiance, then get the tomato mask; if you're looking for clear skin, get the rice mask; if you're looking for nutrition, get the avocado. You will love the scent of each of them and the way your skin will feel after the treatment. You just need to apply the mask for 20 to 30 minutes.


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